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Note: This article covers the new Visual Design Studio Guide experience, launched Feb. 18th, 2019. If you were a customer before this date and would like to use the former Guide Center, you can refer back to the previous version


The Resource Center (formerly the Guide Center) houses additional in-context help, like knowledge base articles or onboarding in-app Guides, that you can make readily available to your end users. To do this, build your Resource Center using modules (such as Guides list or Onboarding) or integrations modules for knowledge base and live chat.

Once you configure your Resource Center modules, you can open it in the designer and customize the look and feel to match your application branding.


To access and customize your Resource Center, you will need Administrator (Admin) Permission to your Pendo subscription. Once you have Admin access, you will see the “Resource Center” option under Guides in your navigation bar.

Manage In App

Similar to creating a Guide, manage your Resource Center in your app by opening it in the Visual Designer. To do this, choose from one of these options:

  1. Click on “Manage In My App” next to “Push to Staging”
  2. Click on “Manage In My App” next to badge icon

Also like the Guide creation experience, you will be prompted to enter your app’s URL or where you’d like to see your preview. Click on the “Launch Designer” button when ready.

Designer interface

Once the designer opens, you will see all the similar user interface:

  1. At the top, Action Bar including: Navigation Mode, Exit & Save buttons, error notifications, move Action Bar up or down
  2. Click on the dropdown arrow underneath the Action Bar (center) to see options for activation, Home View, and modules you added.
  3. Select your Home View or modules to open your Edit options
  4. In the bottom right-hand side, you will see a preview of your Resource Center as you edit.

Customize the home view

The home view is what you see, including all the modules you wish you provide your users, as soon as you activate the Resource Center. Your home view might look something like this:


In the floating “Edit Home View” options, customization options include Content & Styling.



In this section, you can change the Home View display name and titles/subtitles for all your modules.


Resource Center Title

Resource Center is the default name Pendo will use. This title is will show up at the top of your home view for all of your users. To change this, update in the “Resource Center title” field.



Depending on what modules you chose to add and configure in your Resource Center, you will see additional options to update their titles.


In this tab, you will see all the options to style your Resource Center:

  1. Container
  2. Header
  3. Module Section

1 - Container

Background Color - Applies to the background color for all modules including the header


Dimensions - Applies to the entire Resource Center size


Carets - Applies to all carets in the Resource Center


Spacing - Applies to the padding on the left and right side of each module


2 - Header

Top and Bottom Border - Change the border colors and weight for all top headers


Font - Customize font properties for your Resource Center title


Close Button - Applies to all Close buttons in all modules


3 - Module Sections

Title Font - Customize font properties for all module titles on the home view only


Subtitle Font - Customize font properties for all module subtitles on the home view only


Dividers - Applies to all module section dividers in the home view


Spacing - Add padding above or below the module title/subtitle to change the height


Once you’re satisfied with your Resource Center style, be sure to save your changes.

Frequently asked questions

Can I style Guide List or Onboarding Modules yet?

Updating the Resource Center header, dimensions, background color, and carets will impact the other modules. The ability to style specific padding and font properties are coming soon!

Can I style anything via CSS?

Global CSS options are not currently available for the new Resource Center.

Are What’s New Guides included in the Resource Center?

Yes. What’s New Guides are included and are now called Announcements.

What if I have a module with no content?

If you have a module with no content and push the updates to production, the module will not display to your end users.

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