Define a page-specific guide to appear site-wide in the Resource Center

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This article details how to set your Resource Center Guides to be accessible wherever the Resource Center is accessible. The use case for this is guides tagged to particular elements or pages, because those guides do not show up in the Resource Center unless you are: 

  1. On the page the guide is tagged to, and/or
  2. The element the guide is tagged to is visible on the page. 


  • Pendo admin account permission or the following:
    • User permission to create Guides
    • User permission to publish Guides
  • Target segment: Everyone (or a desired custom segment)
  • Guide which is in the Resource Center, but is tagged to a particular page and/or element

Define a page-specific guide to appear site-wide

Option 1: If you want the guide to show up on element/badge click, as well as in the Resource Center

Step 1. Clone the guide

  • To clone -> Go to -> Select the guide in question -> Click the three dots in the top right hand corner of the screen -> select "Clone guide"

Step 2. Edit guide for Resource Center

  • Name your guide accordingly - for example: Guide A - Resource Center Version
  • Click "Manage in-app" and load the designer on any URL in your application
  • Click on "View Steps" and click "+ Add Step" 
  • Select the layout - "Lightbox: Start from Scratch"
  • When you are back in the designer, click on "View Steps" again -> Click and drag the newly added step to the beginning of the guide
  • Customize this step to introduce your guide
    • Do not tag it to an element or page. The Element Location and Page Location settings should match the below image.

    • Turn off all activation methods (click the Activation icon in the top navigation bar of the designer, and toggle off all three activation methods)


    • Add a button to the guide step and add two actions - one to launch the page where the guide normally shows and one to advance the guide. See below: 


See the guide image below as an example: 




Step 3. Add this cloned guide to your Resource Center and remove the original. This guide will only show up in the Resource Center, but will be available anywhere that guide module and Resource Center are set to show up.      

Option 2: If you only want the guide to show up from the Resource Center and/or Automatically

Step 1. Open the guide in question in the designer and follow Step 2 above. 

Note: If you want this guide to also show up automatically for the first time to your segmented users on that page, make sure to set the guide activation to automatic. Remember, this means that the guide will show up site wide. Follow the first option if you want to have two separate flows for the guide. 
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