Salesforce Recipe: Push Poll Responses (including NPS)

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Pendo Polls are designed to collect feedback from your users inside your application. NPS is a type of Poll most customers want to push back into Salesforce since it’s a metric typically monitored by several teams within a company. This Recipe walks through how to push NPS poll responses from Pendo to Salesforce after you setup the Pendo Salesforce Integration. This Recipe will use pushing NPS poll responses as the example, but you can choose another Pendo poll using this same workflow.

Ingredients (What You Need)

  • [Prerequisite] Pendo Salesforce Integration Setup
  • Pendo admin account permission
  • Your Salesforce Account Admin Permission to Add New Salesforce Fields
Note: In order to setup this push, you will need to have the Pendo Salesforce Integration setup before you start. This may require your Salesforce Administrator to assist you if you don’t have direct Salesforce Administrator Permission.

How to Make It

Note: You can modify this recipe to use with another poll. Be sure to adjust the Salesforce fields to map to your poll responses. 

Step 1. Setup your Salesforce Fields Navigate to your Salesforce account and create the fields you want to capture from your NPS survey.

Typically in an NPS survey, you will have at least 2 response you want to capture:

  1. Numeric Score (Numeric Field)
  2. Feedback Response (Text Field)

Therefore, your Salesforce Fields will be:

  1. Numeric Score (Numeric Field) = “Pendo_NPS Rating”
  2. Feedback Response (Text Field) = “Pendo_NPS response”
Note: You must have “Pendo_” in front of your field name. The integration is limited to “Pendo” fields to prevent accidents in Salesforce. 

Step 2. Create Poll (NPS) in Pendo Use the Chrome extension to create a new NPS survey .

Step 3. Create Visitor Report To create a visitor report, navigate to Visitors in the left-hand navigation. Create a new custom Segment with the following condition: Responded to the survey question in the last week.


Note: As best practice, choose within the last 7 days to prevent conflicts with your nightly sync. 

Next, add the poll responses as columns to your visitor report using the “Actions” button on the right-hand side.


Save your report.


Step 4. Setup your report to push to Salesforce After setting up your report, you should see a “Set Up” button to map your Salesforce fields:


Choose your desired field mappings:


Once you’re done, save your settings. Click on the “Sync Now” button in the visitor report to manually push changes into Salesforce for your one time test. Moving forward, your data will sync automatically every 24 hours. Once the sync is completed, review the data in Salesforce.

Note: If you have multiple polls, you will have to do one report for each poll. If you don’t, you might accidentally edit over data from another poll and have mismatched data. 

Learn more about Frequently Asked Questions on Pendo’s Salesforce Integration.