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When you start your journey with Pendo, you also gain access to the Community where you can ask questions, find solutions, share feedback, and learn from other Pendo customers about how they drive impact.

Below is a list of resources you can find through the Pendo Community.

Resource Description


Learn how to use Pendo products and best practices for being product led. Validate your expertise and advance your career with a Pendo certification. Free and paid courses are updated regularly so that you have access to the latest Pendo knowledge.

Community events

Find information about:

  • New User Trainings. Bi-weekly virtual sessions hosted by our customer success team that cover basic Pendo feature functionality, use cases, and technical best practices.
  • Pendoramas. Monthly virtual customer event series where you hear from Pendo experts and learn about innovative ways our customers are using Pendo.
  • User Groups. In-person and virtual events based on location, interest, and role. Join your peers to network, solve problems, and share best practices.

Discussion Forum

Ask and answer questions on the official forum to learn, share your expertise, and expand your product knowledge. You can join the Discussion Forum through the Community homepage, Resource Center, or directly from the Discussion Forum website.

Pendo Connect

Connect with your peers in real time on Slack to share best practices and expand your product knowledge.

Knowledge Base

You're currently in our Knowledge Base where you can find product documentation, best practices, and troubleshooting guidance. 


Share your feedback, submit a referral or customer story, and hear directly from other customers about the ways they're using Pendo and how it’s impacting their organizations.

If you have a general question, search our Knowledge Base first, or post a question on the Discussion Forum. If you need help troubleshooting a specific issue or want to access your open support tickets, see Get help with Pendo from Technical Support.

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