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This article describes how to submit feedback to Pendo about our products. To learn about how we capture your feedback and what we do with it, see Our Product Feedback Policy.

Note: Product feedback is focused on the future state of Pendo. If, instead of sharing product feedback, you want to report a bug or have a query about how to use Pendo, see Get help with Pendo from Technical Support, or ask other Pendo users in the Pendo Community.

Through our Resource Center

You can provide feedback at any time from the Resource Center in Pendo. As a signed-in Pendo user:

  1. Open our Resource Center in the bottom-right of the screen.
  2. Choose the Feedback module.

    Feedback module in the RC.png
  3. Complete the Give feedback to Pendo form.
  4. Select Submit when you're done.    

    Feedback form from the RC.png

Through the purple badges

Purple Give feedback badges exist across the Pendo platform to help us collect contextual feedback related to specific pages or features in Pendo.

Give feedback badge.png       Give Feedback badge only.png

When you come across one of these purple badges in Pendo, you can:

  1. Select the badge.
  2. Provide your feedback.
  3. Select Submit when you're done.

Through our NPS survey

As well as real-time feedback, we use an NPS survey to track sentiment, which collects both quantitative and qualitative data together. Every six months, you're invited in-app or through email to share how likely you are to recommend Pendo on a scale of 0 to 10 and given the opportunity to leave additional comments.


For information about how to create your own NPS survey in Pendo, see Set up an NPS survey.

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