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One of our values is maniacal focus on the customer, and so we take feedback seriously. Your feedback and usage patterns help to shape and inform our products. From your feedback, we learn not just what you want, but why something is important to you and your company. 

Note: Product feedback is focused on the future state of Pendo. If, instead of sharing product feedback, you want to report a bug or have a query about how to use Pendo, see Get help with Pendo from Technical Support, or ask other Pendo users in the Pendo Community.

Why give us product feedback

Give us feedback to help us understand your current experiences of our products and how we might enhance these experiences so that you can deliver more value to your customers or employees.

Alongside usage data, product feedback informs how we improve our current products and helps us to identify the most important problems, experiments, and opportunities to innovate. This allows us to deliver features that provide the most value to our collective customer base.

How to give us product feedback

There are three ways to provide us product feedback:

For instructions, see Submit product feedback to Pendo.

What happens to product feedback

Whether you share your feedback with us in-app, verbally, through email, or through NPS, our goal is to route your product feedback to Listen to help us centralize and understand your feedback in context.

When your feedback is added to Listen, it becomes part of our feedback library, which, alongside your usage data, is used by our Product teams to research problem spaces and opportunities so that we can understand our users better, drive innovation, and inform our roadmap. When feedback is added to Listen:

  1. We use automation rules to route the feedback to the relevant team at Pendo.
    Our Product teams review incoming feedback every month.
  2. The teams use Pendo AI to spot trends and identify key themes that are coming up most often in your feedback.
  3. When a common theme or a problem space starts to emerge, the team creates an idea in Listen to link and group all feedback items under.

Creating ideas from feedback

Grouping feedback under ideas allows us to:

  • Understand the demand for an idea. Each feedback item counts as a vote towards an idea that it's grouped under. We can then view ideas by segment and stack rank ideas according to these votes, as well as accounts or value, in the Analysis tab in Validate.
  • Present potential features to you using idea tests. Idea tests in the Validate page allow us to prioritize and research effectively. When you see these idea tests in Pendo, we ask you to add your votes and any comments on the ideas that are most important to you.
  • Start taking action. Ideas might be promoted to our roadmap or sent to Jira if we're ready to build them. We might also create a segment based on the votes and feedback linked to an idea so that we can contact you for further research.

Research and updates

If your feedback relates to an idea that we’re considering or actively developing, we might contact you to conduct further research with you. We might occasionally invite you to a call or email exchange, either through in-app communications or through email. There's no obligation to take part in this research.

We're introducing a new feedback portal, which is estimated to launch in August 2024. Here, you can continue to share feedback, as well as add your comments and votes to ideas that we’re considering for discovery and research. Later, we’ll add email functionality as well so that you can get updates on the ideas you subscribe to.

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