Combining or Separating Pendo Subscriptions or Applications


There are multiple ways that Pendo subscriptions can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Multi-app subscriptions allow you to run analytics across your product lines or applications from a single subscription. In cases where different products may be managed separately or have separate user bases, you may opt to keep the data separate by having multiple subscriptions. We also offer regional subscriptions for US or EU/International customers, with their own regional data centers, to support a variety of compliance requirements you may have.

This flexibility allows you to tailor your Pendo setup to your business requirements. As your needs change, there are options available if you need to change your subscription setup. 

Some of these options are supported natively to allow your Pendo organization to grow with your business. Others require a paid Professional Services engagement, where our expert engineers will facilitate the controlled transfer of tags and guide content between discreet environments. Your Customer Success Manager is able to assist you if you are interested in making changes to your subscription.


Supported configuration changes

These configuration changes are easily supported in the Pendo app and do not require additional engineering support. If you're interested in adding a new application or subscription, contact your Customer Success representative or Pendo Support for assistance.


Single-app to multi-app

If you currently use one Pendo application key across multiple products or applications, analytics and guides are all tied to that one application key. Moving to a multi-app subscription allows you to have multiple application keys, which provide more granular control of your guides and a focused, application-level view of your analytics.

User roles can also be provisioned by application. This allows admins to grant access to Guides, tagging, and other features when a user is in the context of specific apps.


Single subscription to multiple subscriptions

It may be beneficial to split your single Pendo subscription out into multiple subscriptions. This can be appropriate when you add Pendo to a new product that does not share a user base with your existing product or the product is managed by a separate department with unique user access and security requirements. Separating the subscription into multiple subscriptions allows you to manage analytics and guides for those products independently.

All settings, content, and additional services are managed individually for each subscription. Users are not shared between subscriptions and there is no way a user in one subscription could access data in the other subscription unless they were given access to both.

Adding an additional subscription does not require Professional Services, but Professional Services are required if you want to copy any existing page tags, feature tags, or guides to the new subscription.


Custom configuration changes

These changes require a Professional Services engagement to plan and scope your project. Your consultant will provide a custom statement of work and clear expectations for your new configuration. As your business changes, requirements for your Pendo organization may change with it. We have a team of experts ready to help you navigate any changes to your Pendo subscription.

Please contact your Customer Success representative or to start a Professional Services engagement.


Multi-subscription to multi-app

If you currently have multiple separate subscriptions for each of your applications and those applications share the same user base it may be beneficial to set up one multi-app subscription. This enables you to get a holistic view of how users are using each of your applications and their usage across all applications.

Content, like Guide layouts, can be used between applications to support collaboration in Pendo across your organization. Subscription settings and integrations are also shared across the subscription which may have additional cost and security management benefits.

All users can be managed from a single subscription, with application-level roles to control access to Pendo features for each of your apps. This can be particularly helpful if you're using SAML SSO for user authentication.


Page tag, Feature tag, and Guide migrations

Page tags, Feature tags, and Guides are created within an individual application. If you need to have any of these copied from one application to another (in a multi-app subscription) or between two subscriptions our Professional Services team can assist through a paid services engagement.


Subscription Change Limitations

Data migration between apps or subs

We cannot migrate data between applications, subscriptions, or regions. The historic data will remain available and tied to the original application or subscription key that was used when the data was collected. New data will begin flowing into the new subscription or application when the snippet with the new application key is installed in your product. 


Data region migration

We are not able to migrate subscriptions to a different region. Pendo subscriptions can be assigned to US or EU/International regions. This is set at the subscription level, with each application inside of the subscription belonging to the same region. The region is selected when the subscription is first created. US and EU/International regions have distinct data centers with separate domains for login and API access.