Migrating Pendo data to new subscriptions

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There are multiple ways that Pendo subscriptions can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Multi-app subscriptions allow you to run analytics across your product lines or applications from a single subscription.

In cases where different products might be managed separately or have separate user bases, you can opt to keep the data separate by having multiple subscriptions. Pendo also offers regional subscriptions for US or EU and International customers, with their own regional data centers, to support a variety of compliance requirements you might have.

This flexibility allows you to tailor your Pendo setup to your business requirements. As your needs change, there are options available if you need to change your subscription setup. 

Some of these options are supported natively to allow your Pendo organization to grow with your business. Others require a paid Professional Services engagement, where Pendo Support can facilitate the controlled transfer of tags and guide content between distinct environments.

Migration of configurations across subscriptions

If you're interested in adding a new application or subscription, contact Pendo Support for assistance in making configuration changes. 

If you're creating a new Pendo subscription or application, Pendo offers the option to migrate your configurations from your original application to the newly created application. While this doesn't migrate the historical data collected in the original application, you can start your new subscription with the following configurations in place:

  • Page tags
  • Feature tags
  • Guides (Visual Design Studio)
  • Layouts
  • Themes

Migration of data across environments

Pendo supports four data center environments: US, EU, JP, and US1 (for data that can only be accessed by US citizens). If you want to move your Pendo data from one data center environment to another supported environment, we can migrate your existing Pendo data across environments as a paid Professional Services engagement.

This includes all historical event data, as well as your Pendo configurations, such as Page and Feature tags, guides, segments, reports, and so on.

Custom configuration changes

Custom configuration changes changes require a Professional Services engagement to plan and scope your project. Your consultant will provide a custom statement of work and clear expectations for your new configuration. As your business changes, requirements for your Pendo organization might change with it. We have a team of experts ready to help you navigate any changes to your Pendo subscription.

Contact your Pendo account representative or services@pendo.io to start a Professional Services engagement.

Historical data migrations, merges, and splits

We can't migrate historical event data (such as analytics data, guide views, or poll responses) between subscriptions within the same data center environment. This includes:

  • Combining two single-app Pendo subscriptions into one multi-app subscription.
  • Merging two Pendo applications into one application.
  • Splitting data from one Pendo application into multiple Pendo applications.
  • Splitting multiple applications within one Pendo subscriptions into distinct, individual Pendo subscriptions.


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