Segment of Eligible Visitors differs when applied to Guide

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This article explains why the Eligible Visitors number in a segment can be different when applied to a specific Guide. This occurs in multi-app subscriptions.

Product area: People > Segments (web, mobile)

Segments created on the Segments page consider any visitor in the subscription across applications. Segments in Guides are specific to an application. When the segment is applied to a Guide, only Visitors for that application are considered.

In the example, below, Visitors A, B, and C are all in the subscription and are evaluated against segment rules. When the segment is applied to a Guide for Application 1, only Visitor A is included because only Visitors from Application 1 are evaluated against the segment rules. 


The following segment looks for Visitors with a value for "email". On the Segments page, the number of Eligible Visitors is 1039. In this multi-app subscription, these 1039 Visitors have used at least one of the applications in the subscription that Pendo has collected events for and have also met the segment criteria (having an email). 


If the same segment is applied to a guide, the number of Eligible Visitors only considers Visitors with activity for the application that the Guide is applied to, and doesn't look across all applications.

To find which application a Guide is associated with, look for the Application Icon in the top-left corner, underneath the Guide title. 


Applying the example segment to three different guides that are each associated with a different application displays different results. 


For more information about Segments, see the Segments article. 


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