Designer isn't displaying on iFrames

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This article provides guidance for when an iFrame isn't displaying or loading correctly when you're loading the designer over it.

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The designer will typically display on iFrames unless that iFrame doesn't have Pendo installed. 

Verify that Pendo is installed on the iFrame.

1. Right-click on your iFrame and select Inspect from the dropdown menu.

2. Ensure that you are in the correct iFrame and not the 'top' iFrame. 


3. Pastependo.validateInstall()into the Browser Developer Console.

4. Select Enter to return metadata.

5. If you don't see metadata return, the following error message typically appears, which means that Pendo isn't installed on your page. 


6. Install or update Pendo in the code of the iFrame of your application. 

For more information about installing Pendo and iFrames, see the Developer's Guide to Installing Pendo and iframe Support with Visual Design Studio


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