Hi to all,

I am a user of Pendo in our org. I am the only one in my group that cannot initialize Pendo on our app.

When I also try to type in pendo.initialize() in the dev console of my chrome browser and it returns this message:

"Uncaught ReferenceError: pendo is not defined at <anonymous>:1:1"



  • Try pendo.validateInstall() to see if Pendo is installed where you are trying to do things :)

  • The "pendo is not defined" error usually means pendo is not installed on that app or page. It's odd that others can run the command. Perhaps you could get on a call and try to run it in the same page as them to confirm it's only affecting you. It also could be that pendo is installed in a development environment and the code changes haven't been pushed to the production environment yet, in which case it would work once the pendo snippet code changes have been moved to production.


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