Best gif creation options for guides?

I found I can create okay animations/gifs using The Giphy macOS app, Keynote, and iMovie. Anyone have tools that they use for making gifs for guides they recommend?


  • I like Snagit for screen capturing and it can save as animated GIF.

  • Thanks Eric I’ll check that out today.

  • I'm personally a big fan of Cloudapp, great for capturing screenshots, GIFs, and video.

  • SnagIt for sure, but I use Camtasia more (same company, TechSmith, makes both, so they share files back and forth really well). Camtasia and SnagIt are both really great for screen recordings etc, I prefer Camtasia for the ability to edit more and adding video effects.

  • Liz Feller thanks for the tip, there are lots of GIF making apps - what I was really after was animating the gifs, with e.g., a zoom effect. Downloading the trial now. I was using this method to Zoom into screenshots and then turning that into a GIF. which works okay. Looking forward to seeing if Camtasia performs better. :) 

  • absolutely, Camtasia has it under Animations > Zoom and Pan effect. You can adjust the size and duration etc., very nice.

  • Has anyone figured out how to make a GIF loop once you upload it as an image block? It will run once for me, but won't play again and I can't figure out a place where I would change this setting.


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