How do I get customer success and sales to submit feedback?



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  • We recommend running training sessions with your customer-facing & revenue teams to ensure they are capturing all customer & prospect feedback.

    It's especially important for your sales teams to record prospect feedback, since prospects usually won't have access to Feedback directly. Keeping that data centralized will help you to build a picture over time over what feature gaps may be contributing to lost deals.

    Although you can (and should!) ask your customers to submit requests directly to Feedback, it can be helpful for your Customer Success teams to have a hand in this too. They may be able to add more context to a request, and even help to categorize data by adding product areas & tags.

    It can be helpful to work backwards: what data is valuable to your product team & researchers? Do you want to know where a user was in the app when they felt a feature gap? Do you want to know more about the underlying pain? Whether a work-around is available? Make sure to ask these questions on your request form & train your customer-facing teams to capture as much of this data as possible.


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