Viewing Pages Where a Feature Was Used

We have a situation where we have a feature being used on a page we have tagged, but also page(s) that we (apparently) do not have tagged. I would like to figure out what the URL is when we are seeing those other events, but I’m not sure where to see that. Is there anyway to drill into a feature and see what the page/URL was when each event happened?

Here’s what I’m talking about, you can see that the ALL PAGES version of the exact same Rule has a higher count than the version which is scoped to a specific page. I just want to go see where those 212 clicks happened.

Thanks for any help!



  • Hi Tobin Juday,

    Thanks for sharing your question in the Discussion Community. Unfortunately we cannot show a breakdown of each URL where each click is happening. You would have to tag each feature separately to identify the place where the click is happening. 

    i.e.(File Upload Button is present on pages [x] and [y], so you will need a separate tag for File Upload Button - [x] and File Upload Button - [y])

  • Hi Tobin Juday,

    Doing some more digging, you can do the following:

    Yep, you can use JS (the advanced tab in event properties) to pull this in: 

    This will fire as a property of the feature whenever it’s clicked. So if you’re on page X when you click the feature, this property will show X. If you navigate to page Y, it will show page Y. It may require some more clicking but this is another way to highlight the page URL in the properties. 

  • Ok… so this way, I wouldn’t have access to the historical data, but I could start capturing it moving forward. This is helpful, thank you Howard. I would still vote for a feature where this data is available in the UI somewhere for all events. You’re already storing it, since you match features to pages already, just make it accessible somewhere (yes yes, I know, easier said than done). 


  • Thanks Tobin and yes understood that this is good feedback for our product team to include when highlighting features. If you do submit a feature request, share in the thread and we'll have others upvote and subscribe!

  • I’d be happy to submit a feature request, but I’m not sure where to do that. Any tips?

  • Yup you can login with your Pendo account to Pendo Feedback here:

  • Tobin Juday, you could also try using a 2 step path to discover what page the feature clicks are coming from. Just follow these steps in Pendo:

    1) Behavior > Paths
    2) Select the option "Leading To" and select the feature you're curious about
    3) Choose your date range, segment, and then click on Advanced Options
    4) From the dropdown, choose 'Show Pages Only'
    5) The box "Collapse Repeating Steps" should already be selected. Leave it like that. 
    6) Set Maximum Path Length to 2
    7) Click Run

    Then review your path results, and you'll be able to see what page(s) the visitors were on when they clicked on the feature. 


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