Best practices for managing a public guide and updating segments

We need to edit a public guide. Are there best practices for how to do this? Should the guide be moved back to stage, make and test the updates and then republish?



  • Hi Howard,

    Best practice is always to set the guide back to “draft” or “stage” status if you need to make a change/update to the guide even if it is a small minor change like a typo.

    When you do move a guide back to stage, it will not display any longer in public, only appearing in your staging environment. When it is made public again, the segment of eligible visitors will see the updated guide.

    Note: this will not restart the guide metrics, but if you do want to clear the metrics, you would set the guide to staging and click ‘clear guide data’. This will delete all the previous guide view metrics for all users.

    Hope that helps!


  • Thanks Ryan Philpott! I also discovered more on the following:
    So if you apply a segment to a guide and a certain amount of users see that guide (thereby becoming ineligible to see it again), it is expected behavior that updating your guide segment to include an expansion of additional users would not cause anyone to see the guide twice or “reset” eligibility on folks who've already seen it.

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