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Hope you are well! I am new to Pendo and wanted to ask a question regarding effectiveness of a guide. How do you know whether a guide is helpful or not?



  • Hi Sherish,

    Welcome! When it comes to measuring guide impact there are a couple different tools. You'll want to start by thinking through the intention of the guide. If the goal is to have the user take some action after seeing if, you can set a Guide Conversion to track which users are seeing the guide, then clicking on a feature or viewing a page as a result. 

    The Guide Metrics page will also provide details on how the users who have viewed your guide have interacted with it. You can see if they clicked on the CTA, or simply closed out the guide.

    Hope this helps you get started!



  • Hey Sherish,

    I also just came across this resource with some good examples!



  • We usually use the Guide Metrics to understand engagment levels with the guide and then add our Feature tags to the chart to see if we are meeting our objective to drive adoption or to decrease engagement. 

    Pendo Guides also offer

    • Guide Conversions which does similar but will give you help you easily track the number of users who engaged with the conversion target after seeing your guide. 
    • Guide Experiments helps you determine if behavior is the result of a guide. Enabling you to measure and validate the impact that a guide has on product outcomes. ex. you can test to different content messages in 2 guides and see which is converting users better. 

    TIP - you want to use your Segments to target users based on interaction with pages/features and metadata, start with subset of user base and then iterate and expand. if you do not have much metadata pendo does offer "Sample Group" where pendo auto assigns visitors to a random group 0 to 99 so you can use this and server a guide to 25% of your user base or have guide A served to 50% and guide B to the other 50% 



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