'Tech Talk' session on Feedback Workflow

In this post, you'll be able to find materials from our 2023 Tech Talk series focused on Feedback.

About this session:

With Pendo Feedback, your company can centralize product feature requests in one location, analyze those requests then close the loop with requesters by communicating status/decisions. For the “feedback loop” to function systemically and efficiently, you need a workflow designed to help you collect, manage, and leverage requests collected from customers and/or internal stakeholders. Following a workflow frees your Product team from reacting to every idea and allows them to focus on their bigger goals. 

In this session, you’ll learn the optimal workflow for using Feedback so you realize value from the product, all while avoiding pitfalls.

This session was presented on:

  • Jan 12, 2023. 12 PM ET 
  • March 27, 2023. 12 PM ET

The webinar content will help you answer these questions:

  • What is the best practice workflow to use with Feedback?
  • How can I manage requests collected, especially when there are many?
  • How should I act on the requests collected? 
  • How should I communicate with my customers, especially to “close the loop”?
  • How do I avoid common pitfalls?


Who should attend or review these materials:

  • Anyone who owns the Feedback product in their organization, including super users 
  • Feedback owners who need help making their process more efficient and productive 
  • Feedback users who’re concerned with customer/end-user relationships and their experience with the product


Webinar materials:



  • Thanks to everyone that joined us for our recent Tech Talk. There were a ton of great questions that came in through the chat so we wanted to post those questions and short answers to them here. 

    You can access and download the list of Q&A here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10YyP8O5r68icbbGQFwqgQh7lF8Li-4dDMChkntIB0s8/edit?usp=sharing

    Questions:                                                                                   Answer:

    1. The limit of six statuses for feedback items is limiting to our process. Are there plans or workarounds to expand the status classifications for feedback items? We don't have any plans to add more statuses right now. As a workaround, you can add do 2 things:

    1. Rename your statuses so they fit how you work
    2. Change the status message to add more detail even when the status has not changed. For example, if a request is "Planned" but you are starting to do active discovery on it, you click "Planned" again on the request status and update the supporting message to provide more information.
    2. Can open ended survey responses be pushed to feedback? No. The only data in Feedback is what you have captured through your request form.
    3. I don’t see the link to your example/template for a Product Feedback Policy, can you share in the chat? Here is Pendo's Feedback Policy. Here's the template.
    4. Along with the feedback policy, would it be helpful to add reminders in the request questions of what they should/shouldn't post? For example, I'm afraid that users will report errors or issues with the system here instead of going through our regular ticketing system process. Yes! Absolutely. Add a text block to you request form to add a link to you Product Feedback Policy and any other information.
    5. Can we limit views of what feedback is visible by account? No. This is a feature request for Pendo Feedback.
    6. Are we able to add a request made? Are we able to delete our own request? Yes. You can add requests of your own or on behalf of a visitor.
    You can delete requests by clicking the "Edit" icon near the title on an individual request.
    7.  Are you able to ingest feedback from other parts of the platform, such as NPS comments?

    Can feedback push and pull to Salesforce?
    Pendo Feedback does not ingest Feedback from other areas of Pendo.
    We do integrate with sfdc. Learn more here.
    8. Is there an integration with MS Teams so that all new feedback gets posted to a dedicated channel? If not, that's a feature request from me ;-) We don't integrate with MS Teams today but we are investigating how we can make your internal teams more efficient!
    9. What do you suggest is the best way for product team to collaborate on a particular request that do not necessarily need to be shared out with client-facing team yet? We do have Jira integration but since it’s not a two-way sync, our product managers would prefer to communicate directly within a request itself (to keep the thread together) rather than going back and forth between Jira and Feedback. We use Pendo Feedback and Jira at Pendo and we have good separation between the two systems. We use Pendo Feedback to find evidence for the items we are considering adding to the roadmaps and to keep a pulse on the top requests from customer and prospects. We use the data to plan the roadmap but the granular planning and conversation will take place in planning meetings or between the product managers. The delivery and work with the engineering team all takes place within Jira and we update relevant requests in Feedback when we are ready to communicate outwardly to our teams and customers. Hope this helps. Please email me on hannah@pendo.io if you would like some help with this!
    10. Can end-user feedback be captured from guides rather than the Resource Center? Pendo Feedback runs on the Resource Center and is great at capturing the ongoing feedback you receive across your entire app. We have a new product coming out in Pendo Analytics and Guides in Febrauary where you can validate product ideas using guides technology. This is a very exciting project! You can learn more and sign-up to the waitlist here.
    11. Our CSMs have their own process for entering feedback in HubSpot where they work all the time... is there any way that this can be passed into Pendo Feedback with via API, or is the only option to have them come to our feedback input form? We don't have an integration with Hubspot so teams would need to use the form in Feedback. We are currently in discovery with how we can make it easier for internal teams to submit requests from where they work.
    12. How much time are you spending trying to merge requests with existing ones? Not a lot. The best practices for merging are:

    1. Only merge requests when you find an exact duplicate
    2. For similar requests, just add a tag. This means that you can easily find all individual requests related to the same topic. A great way to do this in bulk is to go to the Browse page, run a keyword search and bulk add a tag. You can save the results as a "Saved View" and come back to it later too!
    13. What framework (rice perhaps?) are you using to triage / prioritise requests? We don't use RICE to prioritize the individual requests. We use Pendo Feedback to help us design solutions and prioritize in two main ways:

    1. We search for requests using the Browse page to help us build evidence for projects we already want to add to our roadmap
    2. We look at top requests based on votes and customers ARR to help is spot themes, trends and requests that are bubbling to the top. This gives us a good indication of where we might want to explore.
    14. I guess my question is a little different. I know that visitors can see requests, vote, etc. I know that we can hide specific requests or default hide new requests. But I am curious if we can limit which requests visitors can see based on the account they are associated with. Essentially, I don’t want Account A to see Account B’s requests No. All Visitors will see any "visitor-facing" requests.
    15. Is it possible to bulk import in feedback from another system (e.g. Productboard)? Yes! Here's the help doc to get your started.
    16. Thank you for your answer regarding the surfacing of similar requests. If I understand you correctly, similar requests are surfaced for the end customer during the request process, but not for the reviewer in real-time? And does the similarity report just show 2 similar requests per line? Correct. Similar requests are shown to the submitter as they type to help prevent duplicates. The reviewer can only see similar requests by looking at the Similarity Report. However, a keyword search on the Browse page is a create way to find similar requests which you can then tag with a theme or assign to a product area.
    17. Sorry if I missed it, but can you group “similar” feedback? Yes, you sure can! Use tags to add requests to themes you are finding. A great (and fast) way to do this is with a keyword search in the Browse page. You can find similar requests, add tags or a product area and save them as a view.
    18. Is "Awaiting feedback" status intended to be the time period when customer input is compiling? In other words, sitting in a state to see if more customers vote for that item. Yes. This is your way of showing customers that you have logged the request but you are waiting to see if it gathers more interest from other customers. Note that you can change the name of the statuses to fit how you work. Here are the best practices on status naming.
    19. FWIW I don’t understand why the similarity matching info wouldn't be provided to reviewers. PMs are dealing with 100s of requests and can’t keep track of granular feature similarity or status. If the info is available why not surface it? Agreed! We are currently looking to build better ways to surface themes and trends to product teams.
    20. How would your prospects even see your product/know it well enough to send in requests? (Thinking about the use of the Prospect SmartList)? This is a great question! When we talk about "prospect requests" in Pendo Feedback, we mean requests that have been entered via your sales teams. Understanding what prospects are asking for and what "deal blockers" are coming up is great information for product teams. For example, if you are hearing a product gap from sales AND customers are submissng similar feedback, this is potentially an area that you would want to invest in quite soon.

    A lot of our customes use the salesforce integration to gather this data. You do have to handle prospect feedback with care - while it helps surface potential deal blockers and insight into how the market is evolving, prospect requests can disappear or become less critical when they become customers and start properly using your product.
    21. Is there an alternative to email when sending a response to users? We may not have their email. Yes! If you don't pass email, there are a few things you can do here:

    1. If you use Pendo's in-app guides, you can publish a guide to a segment of users when you set a request to "Released"
    2. You can also include recent updates in any marketing materials that you produce. For example, here at Pendo we show "What's New" and "What's Coming" in our cusotmer newsletters and quarterly customers webinar. It's OK to get creative and partner with marketing if there isn't a way to pass customer email.
    22. Is there a place where can I find all my requests? Yes. Go to Browse page and select "All requests" from the dropdown menu.
    23. Is there a list of potential messaging “templates” for different “statuses” (planned, not planned, seen, thanks but no things… etc)? There is some explanation and best practices in this help article.
    24. When you’re putting the release notes in the message when changing status to Released, is there the ability to hyperlink? I couldn’t figure that out. You can't add hyperlinks in the status message but you can include URLs. That's exactly what we do; we add URLs to supporting documentation and release notes.
    25. I’m logged into Pendo - I don’t see how to submit feedback! If you are a Pendo customer, you can submit feedback from the Resource Center icon in the bottom left corner of the product.
    26. Can we communicate back to customers from Salesforce via Pendo? No. You can only send emails and launch guides from changing a request status in Pendo Feedback.
    27. How does the Feedback portion deal with multi-language? is it a different list available by language or can you translate the feedback given so that all requests are available in languages you choose?  Good question - language support is something we are looking at across all of Pendo actually. We don’t support multiple languages today. There is an extra challenge on the feedback side if you are getting requests sent to you in different languages. Pendo has a project that kicked off to look at support across languages but no timeline has been established.
    28. We set up the analytics part but haven't gotten to check out Feedback yet ! Is it a different setup than what we have with insights? you have to pass a little more information in the Pendo snippet but then it’s very easy to add to the Resource Center. Please refer to: https://support.pendo.io/hc/en-us/articles/9430394517403-Developer-s-guide-to-installing-Feedback and https://academy.pendo.io/updating-the-pendo-snippet-for-the-feedback-product/1108725. (for EU - use this link) This video is a good overview of passing the information in the Snippet to Pendo.