Pendo Feedback and Salesforce Integration Overview

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Why is this important?

Integrating Pendo Feedback with Salesforce allows your sales and success teams to collect feedback from your customers and prospects without leaving Salesforce. If the majority of your customer and prospect data is stored in Salesforce, this data can be pulled into Feedback to allow more detailed analysis of market and customer demand.


Note: The Feedback / Salesforce integration is separate to the Pendo / Salesforce integration and will need setting up independently. For more information on the Salesforce integration with Pendo, head here.


Salesforce Pull lets you pull data from Salesforce to Pendo.

What Can Be Synced?

The Feedback/Salesforce integration can sync account name, visitor name, opportunity name, ARR and paying status. You can select the desired SF fields, and they will be pulled into the Feedback Account or Visitor object as meta-data. You will need to have a key on both the Feedback side and Salesforce side that matches one-to-one to connect the two data sources (such as a "salesforce ID" and a matching "Visitor ID").

Note: For the integration to work properly it is critical that...

  • there are no duplicates of the key field chosen to link Pendo and Salesforce
  • you have a key on both the Pendo side and Salesforce side that matches one-to-one to connect the two data sources (such as a "salesforce ID" and a matching "Visitor ID" & "Account ID").
  • auto-syncing is switched on.

How Often Is It Synced?

Data is synced every 15 minutes.

How Do I Set It Up?


Here is full technical documentation on setting up the Salesforce and Pendo Feedback integration.

What Can I Do With This Data?

Once you have linked your Salesforce data, you can use it throughout Feedback. Specifically, you can slice and dice your data, filter, and run reports based on Salesforce attributes.


Salesforce Push lets you “push” request data from Pendo Feedback into Salesforce at the contact, account or opportunity level. Now you can view Feedback data inside the Salesforce objects, and you can create requests from the contact and opportunity level.

How Does It Work?

Whenever a request is created in Feedback, this will automatically be pushed into Salesforce to be viewed at the contact, account or opportunity level via page layouts.


  1. Requires API access to Salesforce Enterprise, Salesforce Unlimited or a ​paid upgrade to Salesforce Professional with API access added.
  2. The integration requires a 2-way set-up: Salesforce should be authenticated within Feedback. This requires Feedback admin permissions.
  3. Our integration is not available on the AppExchange. Updates should be run manually to ensure latest releases are used. Read more on upgrading your Salesforce package in Feedback.
  4. If you experience any issues, contact Pendo Support.