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This article provides troubleshooting guidance for when Pendo isn't displaying on your website and you see the "Pendo is not defined" error. 

Environment: Pendo UI


Typically, Pendo doesn't display on your website because it hasn't been installed. Your browser is unable to find the pendo Javascript object, which indicates that Pendo is not being defined or initialized properly on your page. 


Confirm that Pendo isn't initializing on your page. After clearing your cache and re-launching the designer, validate your Pendo install. 

    1. Right-click on your website and select Inspect from the dropdown menu.
    2. Pastependo.validateInstall()into the Browser Developer Console.
    3. Select Enter to return metadata.

If you receive the following error message, Pendo isn't initialized on your page.



Install or update Pendo in the code in your application and ensure that Pendo is being properly defined. pendo.intialize() needs to be running on the page you are attempting to launch the Visual Design Studio on. 

For guidance on how to do this, see the Developer's guide to installing Pendo.



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