Troubleshoot sign-in issues

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This article summarizes common causes of sign-in issues, such as being unable to sign in, and guidance on how to resolve these issues.

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422 invalid invitation key

Upon being invited to a Pendo subscription by an Admin user, you'll receive an email notification. This invitation has a 72-hour expiration period, which means you have 72 hours to accept this invite before it becomes invalid. If you don't open the invite within the 72-hour expiration period, you'll receive an error message stating that your key is invalid. 

To address this issue, request your company's Pendo Admin to resend a new invitation. Only Pendo Admin users on the account can resend new invites. 


User doesn't exist in the subscription

If you haven't been added as a user in your subscription, attempting to sign in will result in an "email and password is invalid" error. This occurs because you are trying to sign in with a username and password that haven't been invited to the subscription by an Admin on the account. 

If you are confident that you are a valid user, select the "forgot my password" button on the password page to receive a password reset link in your email. If you don't receive an email after an hour and you've checked your spam folder, it likely means your username wasn't added to the account. Contact the Admin user on the account to ask them to add you to the subscription. 

If the invite email was resent, and you still haven't received the email it could be that your email is on the suppression list. Please request the admin on the account to open a ticket with support to have your email removed from the suppression list. 

Incorrect details

Misspelling your username or domain can cause a sign-in error. Verify the spelling of your username and try again.

Sign-in errors also occur if you attempt to sign into the wrong subscription. If you belong to multiple subscriptions, check that you're in the right one. Locate the specific subscription in your switcher list. If you can't find the correct subscription, contact an Admin user within that particular subscription to request a new invitation. 

"Unauthorized" error 

When using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) SSO or Google login, a user must first be added to their Identity Provider (IdP) and receive an invitation to Pendo before attempting to sign in to Pendo. Confirm that your subscription Admin invited you to the correct subscription and that you've accepted the invitation. The email address used in the assertion for the username must match what Pendo defines with your organization's SAML SSO administrator. 

It might also be that the domain the user attempts to sign in to isn't associated with a SAML provider and the subscription enforces SAML. Ensure that the domain is associated with a SAML provider. 

Ad blockers

Ad blockers are plug-in extensions that you can add to browsers to prevent advertisements, such as pop-up guides, from displaying on websites. Ad blockers can also disrupt the sign-in process for certain applications. To ensure a smooth sign-in experience, turn off ad blockers in your browser or add exceptions. When using a private or incognito window, most extensions are turned off by default. 

Bad cache

Occasionally, your browser's cache can become corrupted, causing issues with navigating and loading different sites. Using an incognito or private window can assist in identifying if this is an issue. To resolve this, consider clearing your cache and try to log in again.

Emails quarantined by Microsoft Defender 

If you're unable to receive password reset or account invitation emails from Pendo, this might be because Microsoft Defender sometimes flags emails containing links to Pendo as “High Confidence Phishing”. If you’re using Microsoft Outlook or Exchange as your email provider, your company's IT system might block these emails, preventing them from reaching your inbox.

To resolve this issue, your IT system administrator must release the emails from quarantine and add the email sender to the allowlist so that you can receive these emails. They can read about how to accomplish this through Microsoft’s documentation on how to Manage quarantined messages and files as an admin.

We also recommend that your IT system administrator reports the email as safe to help Microsoft identify and reduce false positives in their email detection system. They can learn how to do this through Microsoft’s How to handle Legitimate emails getting blocked (False Positive), using Microsoft Defender for Office 365.

If you’ve taken an action that would result in receiving an email and the email isn't in your IT system administrator’s email and collaboration quarantine, contact Pendo Support.

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