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Sometimes referred to as account value or pricing tier, account revenue is account-level metadata that you can use in Pendo to prioritize accounts, features, and issues. Although revenue is often referred to as ARR for "annual recurring revenue", you can also pass a monthly recurring value (MRR).

In Pendo, you can use revenue for:

  • Analytics to categorize and segment data based on account revenue.
  • NPS Insights to understand what revenue is represented by detractors, passives, and promoters.
  • Validate to prioritize and evaluate the impact of an idea based on which customers vote for it.
  • Feedback to filter the requests that your top revenue accounts want the most.

Account revenue for Pendo Feedback requires a different configuration from Pendo's other products, reflected in the structure of this article.


To choose which metadata field to assign as the revenue data for your accounts in Data Mappings, you must be a Pendo admin. This isn’t necessary for passing revenue for Pendo Feedback because account revenue is configured automatically once it's added to the Pendo install script.

Configure revenue for Pendo

For Pendo, which includes most Pendo products, account revenue is configured through the Data Mappings page, where you define the metadata fields you're passing to Pendo. Passing account revenue to Pendo is broadly a two-step process:

  1. Add a revenue metadata field in Pendo.
  2. Define the metadata field Pendo should use for the account revenue.

The Data Mappings page shows you the names and types of data that Pendo uses for its analytics. The metadata on this page is subscription-wide, which means that the revenue you define here applies to all apps in a multi-app subscription to Pendo. If you have multiple applications within your Pendo subscription, the same metadata field is used for account revenue insights across all applications. Because revenue is applied globally for your subscription, all Pendo users can access the same revenue data.

Step 1. Add a revenue metadata field

If you don’t already have a metadata field to represent your revenue data in Pendo, you can add it as an account-level field through one of the following:

  • The Pendo install script (Agent metadata).
  • An integration (such as Salesforce or HubSpot).
  • The API (Custom metadata).

For information about metadata and metadata groups, see Configure visitor and account metadata.

Because metadata is saved to the Account ID, if you pass revenue for one application, it's available across your entire Pendo subscription, and thus available in the Data Mappings page for the next step.

Step 2. Define the metadata field

After revenue is passed to Pendo as a metadata field, you can assign the value of that metadata field as "Revenue" from the Data Mappings page in Pendo:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Data Mappings > Account Level Data.
  2. Select Manage Revenue in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Use the dropdown menu to select the metadata field from Step 1 to represent the revenue for your accounts.
  4. Select Save. This prompts a confirmation message to appear in the top-right corner of the Data Mappings page.

Configure revenue for Pendo Feedback

For Pendo Feedback, account revenue is configured either:

Either of these methods adds the monthly_value metadata field to the Pendo install script. This field is interpreted by Feedback as the account value. Although the field we use for account revenue for Pendo Feedback makes reference to monthly value, you can also pass ARR, but the name of the field in the code is always monthly_value. You can pass whichever value makes sense for your organization, including MRR or ARR, as long as the data type is numerical (without commas).

Configure revenue for both Pendo and Pendo Feedback

You can combine the above configurations for Pendo and Pendo Feedback by adding the monthly_value field to the Pendo install script, and then using this field to define account revenue across Pendo in the Data Mappings page. This applies the same metadata field used for account revenue in Feedback to other Pendo products across your subscription.

If you'd like to see the same account value for all Pendo products, including Feedback:

  1. Update the install script. Pass your account revenue using the monthly_value field in the initialize method of the Pendo install script, as described in Configure revenue for Pendo Feedback above.
  2. Map your metadata. Map the metadata value passed through the monthly_value field to your account revenue in the Data Mappings page of Pendo, as described in Step 2 of Configure revenue for Pendo above.
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