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If you're using Pendo to understand your employee behavior, you can view analytics related to your company's utilization of app licenses.

Step 1. Add category and licenses

Before you can view license utilization analytics, an Admin must update your company's license information in your subscription settings.

To do this, navigate to Settings > Subscription Settings, and then select the Licenses tab. This page contains each app in your Pendo subscription and allows you to specify the category and number of licenses available for each app.

Assign app categories

Assign specific categories to each of your apps in the Category column to group your apps. This helps you understand how many apps you have in each category and how licenses are used. Select the appropriate category in the dropdown for each app.


Specify license amounts

You can add the number of licenses for each app manually or by uploading a CSV in the License Summary table.

To add license amounts manually, find the # of Licenses table column to edit the number of licenses for an app. This value can be any number 0 or greater, or you can leave the value as Not set if an app doesn't limit access by the number of users. Once you enter the value, select the blue checkmark to save your entry.


To upload license amounts with a CSV, select the Upload CSV icon located in the top-right corner of the table.


Once selected, this opens the Upload License CSV modal. Select "this template file" from Step 1 in the modal, then open that file in your preferred text editor.


In the provided CSV file, each line represent a specific app and is formatted as such: "App Name",App ID,License Quantity. Identify the apps where you need to enter a new license amount or update an existing amount, and then update each quantity after the second comma in each line. Ensure you don't add a space after the comma and before the integer. The screenshot below shows an example file that highlights the quantities for each app. 


Once you update the CSV file with your license amounts, save the file and return to Pendo. Select Choose File, select the file from your device, and then select Upload File.

Step 2. Analyze license utilization

Once you specify your license information, you can view utilization analytics by navigating to Portfolio > License Utilization from the left-side menu. 

Apply filters

Use the three filters at the top of the page to update the data on this page. These are global filters, which means that they change the data you see across Pendo. You can update these filters at any time.



The first dropdown menu allows you to segment the data. You can use existing segments or create a custom segment, such as a segment for certain functions or departments in your organization.

Date range

The second dropdown menu allows you to specify a date range. The Last X days options include all complete days. This means data from today is excluded since today is only a partial day.


The third dropdown menu allows you to select one or more apps. Select the checkboxes next to the apps you want to view data for. You can search for apps using the search box at the top of the dropdown menu. Selected apps appear at the top of the dropdown list to make them easy to find and deselect as needed.

View license utilization

Hover over a data point in the License Utilization chart to view the percentage of active visitors and the number of licenses used during the specified date range. This chart only displays data for apps with license data. The X-axis shows each app, and the Y-axis shows the percentage of licenses utilized for each app.


View utilization breakdown

The Summary by table shows the data for all of your apps, the number of visitors engaging with each app, and the percentage of licenses used. This table allows you to understand how licenses are being used across your portfolio.


To view all table columns, you might need to scroll using a trackpad. Each column is reviewed in detail below:

  • Application Name. Name of your app. To change the name, an Admin can navigate to Settings > Subscription Settings > Applications, select the relevant app from the list, then select the Display Name value to modify it.
  • Category. The chosen category for the app.
  • Group. Changing the metadata grouping value with the Summary by dropdown in the top-left of the table updates the table to display different values under this column. Grouping by a metadata value also provides the option to use the plus icon (+) to the left of the app name to see all data by group.
  • Engagement. Shows a visualization that categorizes visitor activity into three levels: low (visitors active for less than 25% of days in the selected date range), medium (25% to 50% of days), and high (more than 50% of days).
  • Time Spent. Average amount of time spent in the app by all visitors included in the segment.
  • Visitors. Total number of visitors who accessed the app within the selected date range. You can download a CSV of these visitors by selecting a value in this column.
  • Licenses. Number of licenses available for the app. To modify this amount, see Step 1 in this article.
  • License Utilization. Shows a progress bar indicating the percentage of licenses used by active visitors in each app. If the number of licenses is not set, this field is empty. When 100% or more of your licenses for the application are used, the progress bar is filled red.

You can also select the Download CSV icon in the top-right of the table to export all data in the chart to a CSV file.

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