Automatic Feature tagging with custom HTML attributes

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After adding custom HTML attributes, you can enable automatic tagging for creating Features in Pendo. Automatic tagging adds new Pendo Features to your Features list when elements associated with your custom HTML attributes are clicked.

Best practices

For data trust, we recommend working in partnership with your development team who can help you create clean attributes. If your development team is using attributes for automated test suites, this feature could be a good fit. You might be able to use the same descriptive naming conventions to make receiving these attributes easier in Pendo. For developers to apply attributes, we recommend using a strong naming convention that helps the understandability of Features. 

We also recommend using the Max Count as a way to test your results (our default is 10) and using this default to test your first results after configuring automatic tagging. Review your automatic features by following the instructions in Filter Features by automatic tags to check that they look as you expect before editing the Max Count.

Enable automatic tagging

To enable automatic tagging:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Subscription Settings.

  2. Open the Applications tab.

  3. Find and open the relevant app from your Applications list.

  4. Open the Tagging and Guide Settings tab at the top of the page.
  5. Turn on Automatic Tagging with Custom HTML Attributes.
  6. Select the custom HTML attributes you'd like to use for automatic Feature tagging.

By default, automatically created Features are set to Sitewide. You can edit this in the same way as Features that are created using the Visual Design Studio.

Edit an automatically created Feature

You can edit automatically created Features in the same way that you can edit any other Feature in Pendo. To edit a Feature, navigate to Product > Features, then select it from the Features table. This opens that Feature's details page, where you can edit the name, Product Area, application, tagging rules, and more. You can also open and edit a Feature within the Visual Design Studio.

Filter Features by automatic tags

Automatically created Features appear in your Features list in Pendo and are labeled as Automatic under the Type column.

In Pendo, navigate to Product > Features from the left-side menu. In the filters section at the top of the page, select Automatic from the last dropdown menu.


Delete an automatically created Feature

You can delete automatically created Ceatures from the Features list or from a Feature's details page. When an automatically created Feature is deleted, Pendo doesn't automatically recreate it.

To delete an automatically created Feature from the Features list:

  1. Navigate to Product > Features from the left-side menu to open the Features list.
  2. In the filters section at the top of the page, select Automatic from the last dropdown menu.
  3. Find and hover over the row of the Feature you want to delete. 
  4. Select the trash icon that appears and confirm that you want to delete it by selecting Yes, Delete.

Alternatively, you can select the Feature from the Features list to open and review its details. You can then select the trash icon in the top-right corner of the details page and confirm the action to delete the Feature.

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