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With a direct web implementation of Pendo using the install script, your default application is created at the time your subscription is created. This article describes how to add more web applications to your subscription in addition to the default application.

You can add up to 30 additional applications to your subscription. If you want to add more than 30 applications, contact Support.

  • For instructions on how to add browser extension apps, follow the instructions outlined in Add extension apps.
  • If, instead of a web application, you're adding a mobile application, see Add mobile apps


Step 1. Add a web app

The following instructions walk you through how to add an application to your Applications list in Pendo. You then need to install and configure Pendo for your app. To add an application:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Subscription Settings.
  2. Select Applications.
  3. Select Add Another App in the top-right corner of the page.
  4. Enter a meaningful name for your app.
  5. Select Web as your app type.
  6. Select Create App in the bottom-right corner of the form.

After you've added an application, it appears as a Web app in the Platform column and is given a Status of Not Installed until you install and configure Pendo for that application.

Step 2. Install and configure Pendo for your app

After you've added an app to your Applications list in Pendo, you must install and configure Pendo for that application, as described in the Developer's guide to implementing Pendo using the install script.

After Pendo starts receiving events for your application, it's given a Status of Installed in the Applications list.

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