Naming Best Practices

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Naming Best Practices

A few suggestions regarding naming best practices as it relates to page and feature tagging…

Use "Color" to Organize

Think about your product and how it is organized to take advantage of colors. Assign colors to sections of your product for improved visualizations and quick navigation within the Pendo UI.



Some example naming conventions:

[Section] | [Module] - [View]
Prospects | Prospects - Overview

Marketing | List - View

Marketing | List - Create

Admin | Demo Orgs

Marketing | Drip Program Wizard - Name



Some example naming conventions:

[Module] - [Action]
Email Editor - Edit tab

Global Header - Search input

Engagement Studio - Activation Step 2 Button

Prospect - Add Opportunity

Prospect - Opportunities - Add Opportunity button

Prospect - Create Opportunity - Create Opportunity button

Marketing Menu - Emails : Templates

Additional Tips and Tricks

  • Start small (20-30 pages, 5-10 key features)
  • Consider clearly differentiating exploratory tagging from key value drivers
  • For feature tagging, start with key value drivers related to team goals
  • Exploratory tagging on ad-hoc basis
  • Clean up unused pages/features every few months
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