Confluence Integration

Pendo’s Confluence integration empowers Product Teams with an easy way to bring in supporting product data to validate and build confidence in their decision-making process.



You will need the following permissions to set up this integration:

  • Admin permission to your Confluence account
  • Admin permission to your Pendo account
  • API enabled on your Pendo account 
Note: Reach out to your Pendo Representative to enable API on your Pendo subscription.

Set up the integration

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Integration Keys and copy the Pendo Integration Key.

    Note: You will need Admin permissions for your Pendo account.

  2. After adding Pendo Reports for Confluence (see the process here), select Configure to add the key.

    Note: This integration is for Reports within Pendo only.

  3. After you set up the integration, copy and paste a Pendo report URL to a Confluence page. You should see the report auto-convert when you paste it into the page.