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Pendo’s Confluence integration empowers Product Teams with an easy way to bring in supporting product data to validate and build confidence in their decision-making process.

Note: This integration will sync visitor and account reports only. It does not sync any reports under the Behavior section of Pendo, such as Data Explorer, Retention, Paths, or Funnels. This is because the Pendo V1 API report endpoint used by this integration does not support this functionality.


You will need the following permissions to set up this integration:

  • Admin permission to your Confluence account
  • Admin permission to your Pendo account
  • API enabled on your Pendo account 
Note: Reach out to your Pendo Representative to enable API on your Pendo subscription.

Set up the integration

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Integration Keys and copy the Pendo Integration Key.

    Note: You will need Admin permissions for your Pendo account.

  2. After adding Pendo Reports for Confluence (see the process here), select Configure to add the key.

    Note: This integration is for Reports within Pendo only.

  3. After you set up the integration, copy and paste a Pendo report URL to a Confluence page. You should see the report auto-convert when you paste it into the page.


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