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You can integrate Pendo with Zendesk to give your support teams access to relevant product usage data and user information, in context. Pendo data in Zendesk gives support agents:

  • An understanding of what the user was doing before the ticket was filed, including what features and pages were being used, and other session usage information that can provide the context needed for quick ticket resolution.
  • Key customer information at the Visitor and Account levels that they can use as context for the user's profile, with information such as usage frequency and depth of understanding of the product, alongside the support ticket.

For more information, see the Pendo Integration information on Zendesk's Apps Directory.


This section provides instructions for installing Pendo on Zendesk. This involves:

1. Creating an integration key to allow you to access Pendo data from within Zendesk.

2. Identifying your users.

Create an integration key in Pendo

You must have Pendo admin permissions and integration key access to set up the integration. This key is different from the key that appears in your Pendo JavaScript snippet. 

To create an integration key, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Integration Keys and select + Add Integration Key.

Integration keys are only displayed at the time of creation. Securely capture and store your new key at the time of creation because we can't retrieve keys for you.

Identify your users

The integration requires that users are identified by their email addresses. While the integration is in beta, email is the only supported mapping.

By default, if you use an email address as your Visitor ID in Pendo, we can automatically find your users.

If you use something other than email for your Visitor ID, but pass email as metadata to Pendo, you can specify that you want to use metadata for email when you install. The email must be unique to a Visitor. If more than one visitor has the same email address, the wrong Visitor might be attributed in the integration or you might be presented with "Visitor not found".

If using email metadata, during install, select Enable searching metadata for use email and enter an Email field name with the <metadata group>/<metadata field>. A few possible examples might be:


To view existing data mappings, navigate to admin settings in Pendo and select the Data Mappings tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use the metadata pulled from Pendo in other fields in Zendesk?

No, not at this time. There is an existing Feature Request for this.

Can we configure what information is displayed in the Zendesk widget?

Pendo can't control what's displayed in the Zendesk widget. There are no global settings for Zendesk and the information that's displayed is pulled from our API. 

There is currently no way to configure the timeline. Typically, the timeline shows Pages, Features, and Track Events. This data is adjusted through the API. You can find the endpoint and properties or values you need in the Engage API article.

Don't use API endpoints to pull information in bulk.

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