ChurnZero Recipe: Use Product Data to Optimize your Customer Workflow to Drive Greater Adoption and Retention

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The ability to understand user product behavior and adoption is a key component for customer success teams to prevent churn. By understanding how customers are using the product, your customer success team is able to run the optimal play to increase satisfaction and product usage, and earn the renewal of that customer. 

ChurnZero and Pendo have come together to provide insight into your product within ChurnZero’s view of the customer lifecycle. 

With this integration, your selected Pendo Feature Events and Page Events display in ChurnZero for the respective account. Pendo’s analytics across the product journey help the customer team identify areas where customers are not maximizing the value of their purchase and could be at risk of churn. Configure alerts to notify your team of low engagement or use these metrics to calculate a ChurnScore.

Ingredients (What You Need)

  • Pendo account with Insights
  • Access to Pendo API
  • Active ChurnZero account
  • Visitor and Account IDs

You can supply your Account and Visitor IDs by either:

  • Exporting Visitor and Account Reports
  • Ensuring that, on Pendo Feature and Page Events, the "accountid" field contains the AccountExternalID and the "visitorid" field contains the ContactExternalID.


  • Decrease churn with early warning product signals and early intervention.
  • Use behavioral data to better target customer success workflows.

How to make it

In ChurnZero:

1. Log in to your ChurnZero Production account.

2. In the left-side navigation, go to Admin > Pendo Setup. If this isn't present, reach out to your ChurnZero representative to have it turned on for you.



3. Enter your Pendo Integration Key and select Authorize.



4. Follow the prompts to finalize the authorization. Below is an example of successful authorization:


5. Provide the names of the Pendo Feature and Page Events that you want to sync to ChurnZero. 

    • The list of Events that are relevant for your Customer Success team is typically much shorter than the full list of Events tracked by Pendo.
    • The Event Names you provide must exactly match the Event Names in Pendo.
    • If your Pendo Event Names won't be clear to your Customer Success Team, you can provide a "Pretty Name" for each Event, in addition to the name from within Pendo. 


6. Your ChurnZero contact completes the final integration configuration. When they're finished, you see your Pendo Feature and Page Events show on the Usage tab of a ChurnZero Account Profile.




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