Slack Integration to Push NPS Responses

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Pendo’s NPS for Slack lets you see real-time NPS responses directly in Slack. Send notifications to a channel of your choice. Then, configure custom metadata for more informative summaries to help you act on the responses.


How to enable it for your account

You will need the following permissions to set it up:

  • Admin permission to your Slack account
  • Admin permission to your Pendo account


How to set it up

Step 1. Navigate to the Integrations section of your Pendo subscription. 



Step 2. Select NPS for Slack.


Step 3. Select Add to Slack. Once you click on this, it redirects you to your primary team via



Note: If you don’t have Admin permissions on your Slack instance, you will get a message letting you know you will need to contact your Slack admin to set this up.

Step 4. Choose the Slack channel where you want responses to populate and select Authorize.


After you click Authorize, you are returned to your Pendo subscription and shown a message that your integration is set up.


Configure your message summary

After authorizing the integration, you can configure your slack messages using the metadata values from Pendo. To do this, use the following steps:

Step 1. If you navigated away from the Integrations section of your Pendo subscription, go back to the page. 



Step 2.  Select NPS for Slack again. This time, you will see configuration options now that Pendo has been authorized for Slack.


Step 3. Add your desired Visitor and Account metadata you wish to receive in your Slack message. 


Note: Visitor and Account IDs are required in your Slack message summary.


Step 4. Before you confirm your metadata options, select Preview at the top to see an example of your Slack message.


Step 5. Click Save to update Slack NPS integration settings.


Frequently asked questions

Can I use this integration to send NPS responses to more than one Slack channel?

No. This integration connects to one Slack channel only, which applies to the entire subscription. This is true even if you have multiple NPS surveys or multiple applications. If there is a desire to push NPS responses to multiple Slack channels, you should not use this integration. Instead, you may want to explore using a third-party connector such as Zapier or to build a custom integration that will send Pendo NPS responses to Slack.

As an example, you could follow the instructions here to send responses from 2 NPS surveys to separate Slack channels. Remember that you need to set up two separate visitor reports in Pendo and separate Zaps in Zapier.