TrustRadius Recipe: Drive Reviews and Customer Proof

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Forward-thinking companies fully embrace the role of customer voice for both gathering real-world product feedback and providing public social proof for in-market buyers. Pendo and TrustRadius have partnered to help all Pendo customers use TrustRadius to drive user reviews on TrustRadius, a review site and customer voice platform for B2B technology buyers and sellers.

Pendo data can help target the rollout of targeted user review asks based on any user,  usage, company, or other attributes you make available to Pendo. Examples include :

  • Customer Maturity -- Target only paying customers who have used the product long enough to write a thoughtful review.
  • Feature Usage -- Target customers who’ve taken advantage of your differentiating features, increasing the chances their reviews deliver on-point market feedback.
  • Customer Segment -- Target customers in strategic segments (by customer industry, size, geography, etc) whose reviews amplify strategic social proof.


Ingredients You Need 

  • Your product Listed on TrustRadius
  • A link to your Review Landing Page (Joint Pendo and TrustRadius Customers Only)
  • A Pendo Guide that shows the link to Review Landing Page 


  • Increase percentages of users giving reviews of your product
  • Boost your product’s prominence on TrustRadius with greater number of reviews
  • Gather feedback right when users are in the product using it


How Does This Work

Step 1: Access your TrustRadius Vendor account

Ensure your company and product(s) are listed on TrustRadius. If not, you can request to be listed here.  Note: requires account creation.


Step 2: Get the link for your TrustRadius Review Landing page 

Retrieve your product’s specific TrustRadius Landing Page URL by navigating to Reviews → Acquire Reviews 

Retrieving a Review  Landing Page link from TrustRadius



Example Review Landing page


Note: If you’re also a TrustRadius customer, contact your Customer Success Manager for a custom URL if you want to:
  • Boost conversion by offering incentives
  • Track Pendo-sourced reviews as a separate acquisition Campaign
  • Target strategic customer proof points with customized review questions


Step 3 - Create a target guide in Pendo

Define a segment of user that you would like to target, and then create a guide targeting those users.  We suggest using a banner or lightbox guide type to drive users to review you on TrustRadius. Make sure to include a link to the Review Landing Page from Step 2.

Creating a guide in Pendo



Step 4: Activate your target guide

Once you have created the target guide, you can make it “Public” and users will start seeing the guide in your app. 

Users see the banner in your application



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