Qualtrics: Increase your Survey Response Rate by Bringing it Into Your App

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As a product manager, customer success manager, or any individual working to engage with your customers more, a survey to understand customer sentiment is a great tool.  However, surveys sent by email can often be missed by your customers because inboxes get very crowded.  Now, Pendo and Qualtrics give you the power to bring surveys right where your customers live, in your app. Data shows it’s possible to get higher response rates when customers are in the moment.  For example, after using Pendo to measure the launch of a new feature, you can now target a Qualtrics survey right in your app to the segment of customers who use the new feature, deepening qualitative and sentiment information.

Ingredients (What You Need)

  • Pendo account with Guidance
  • Qualtrics XM (Experience Management)


  • Increase response rates to your surveys
  • Use usage and behavioral data to better target surveys 

How to Make It

Step 1. Create a new ProductXM Survey.



Step 2. Design and author your survey.



Step 3. Publish your survey, then navigate to the Distributions section of XM and select "Anonymous Link." Copy the link.



Step 4. In Pendo, create a new Guide and select "Lightbox: Start From Scratch."



Step 5Launch the Guide Designer and choose "Code Block" from the list of Building Blocks. 



Step 6. Create an iframe and set its ‘src’ property to the anonymous link you copied for your Qualtrics XM survey.



Step 7. Validate that the Qualtrics XM survey displays correctly in the Pendo Guide.



Step 8. Save your changes in the designer and exit back to "Guide Settings." From the settings page, choose an existing or create a new custom Segment who should see this survey.



Step 9. Set your Guide to ‘Public’ to start collecting survey responses in Qualtrics XM.

Step 10. In Qualtrics XM, navigate to ‘Data & Analysis’ for your survey and browse the response data.


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