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Increased engagement doesn’t always mean more new requests. As time passes, you should see fewer new requests but more engagement as Visitors vote on requests, prioritize requests, and view the Release Log and What’s Coming? reports.

Over the first six to twelve months of using Feedback, you can expect to see the following trends in customer engagement. The trend chart, below, shows the average number of new requests (green), votes (purple), prioritizations (yellow), and page views (blue) over time.


Engagement trends

At first, you might receive a lot of new requests. This activity settles as your Feedback dashboard populates with different requests that cover most customer issues and ideas. As the number of new requests settles, so does your workload. Over time, customers instead sign in to vote on and prioritize existing requests, and to view progress on planned features. Engagement increases as you start building and releasing requests. 

Customers won’t prioritize much to begin with because there won’t be many requests to prioritize. As the months continue, and you gather more feedback, your customers can browse through more requests to then vote on and prioritize. mceclip2.png

Understand engagement, usage, and churn

You have access to more granular insights into customer activity in the Metrics page, which you can find in the left-side navigation. Here, you can see the most engaged visitors, and those who have had the most requests released. Use the Engagement section to see which customers have used Feedback the most. Select user names in the Visitors who wanted features released in the last 30 days section and then the Released tab. 

You can also use the Customer Insights Dashboard to help your customers be successful and avoid churn. Navigate to your Dashboard in the left-side navigation, and select Customer Insights to view reports that help you understand engagement and usage.

For more detailed information, see Customer Insights in Feedback.

Increase customer engagement

To increase engagement, you can include a Feedback link in your help menu or your footer, using the instructions outlined in Grant Feedback access to customers. You can also send an engagement email to raise awareness. For instructions, see Notification emails in Feedback.

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