Calendly Recipe: Increase Appointment Rates


As a product manager, customer success manager, or any individual working to engage with your customers more, a clear call to action for booking an appointment can help significantly. Pendo and Calendly have partnered to help our joint customers use the power of in-app messaging to increase the likelihood of a customer booking an appointment.


Ingredients (What You Need)

  • Pendo account with Guidance
  • Active Calendly account



  • Increase appointment booking rates
  • Use behavioral data to better target appointment messaging


How to Make It

1. Log into your Calendly account and create a new Event Type or find an existing event.


2. Select Share on the event you want to embed in your guide.



3. Navigate to Add to Website and select Embed inline and continue.



4. Adjust booking page settings and select Copy Code.



5. Log in to Pendo and create a guide.  You might want to create a multi-step guide with step one explaining the purpose of scheduling a conversation, and the second step presenting the Calendly calendar.



6. Add a Code Block. Paste the snippet you copied from Calendly into the HTML tab. Save the guide and publish it.


7. Preview your guide to try it out.


Calendly guide embed example

Step one of the guide



Step two of the guide



That’s it! Create as many Calendly-powered guides as you need to effectively increase your appointment bookings.