Mobile Track Events Example

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These examples show a Track Event embedded into an alert dialog and triggered once the OK button is clicked. The Track Event part of the code is bolded.

See Track Events Configuration for general information about Track Events.


Track Event example

Pendo.track("OK_Track", null);

Track Event with properties example

HashMap<String, Object> trackEventProperties = new HashMap<>();
trackEventProperties.put("track_property_name", "track_property_value");
Pendo.track("OK_Track", trackEventProperties);



Track events example


PendoManager.shared().track("OK_Track", properties: nil)

Objective C

[[PendoManager sharedManager] track:@"OK_Track" properties:nil];


Track Events with properties example


let trackEventProperties = ["track_property_name": "track_property_value"]
PendoManager.shared().track("OK_Track", properties: trackEventProperties)

Objective C

NSDictionary *trackEventProperties = @{ @"track_property_name": @“track_property_value“ };
[[PendoManager sharedManager] track:@"OK_Track" properties:trackEventProperties];


The Track Events are collected by Pendo instantly and are displayed first as Raw Events in Settings > Subscription Settings. Open the Applications tab, and then find and open the relevant app from your Applications list. Open the Raw Events tab.



Up to an hour after, the Track events are displayed as aggregated data and are shown in the UI. To view the Track Events, go to Product > Track Events and change the time filter to Today to see today’s results.


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