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Below the fold refers to the part of the screen that is not visible until it is revealed via a scroll. The term is relevant for any type of page or screen that has a scroll bar. You can tag Features on your Page that are below the fold. This is done by using multiple captures of a page and tagging the Features in each one. Analytics are collected continuously, so you can keep tagging additional captures and features as required.

See Tag Mobile Pages and Tag Mobile Features for more information about both.

If you need to connect your device first, see Connect a Mobile Device.

To tag features on pages below the fold:

  1. Go to Product > Pages, select your app and open one of the listed Pages.
  2. In the details of the page, select Manage Page. The page opens with a list of all tagged features on the page and a screenshot of the page.
  3. Hover over a feature on the page to tag it:
    • If a feature is listed, you can hover over it in the list to highlight it on the page, and vice-versa.
    • If you have overlapping features, they will be recognized on each capture they appear on.
    • If you hover over a feature in the list that is on a different capture to the one displaying, the UI displays the capture where the feature is.
  4. To add new captures for pages that are below the fold, click the camera icon. You can capture a maximum of ten pages. 

    Note: If you want to add a new capture, you need to connect the device.

Add Custom Identifiers

You can add custom identifiers that are specific to your pages to help identify them. See Custom Identifiers for more information.

Update tagged pages 

You may need to update pages, for example, when new app versions are released. You can recapture a page, including all the below the fold captures, and tag or re-tag the features on the new version of the page.

To update a page:

  1. Select Update Page. The Update Tagged Page modal opens saying that the old capture will be replaced with a new capture.
  2. Select Continue to connect your device and take a new capture. The page opens in Update mode.
  3. Start adding up to ten new captures.
  4. Select Done when you are finished to exit Update mode. Update looks at all the new pages and lists the tagged Features based on the new captures.
  5. Select Update on any features that can't be identified to update the page with tagged features.

Note: Any custom identifiers that are not in the new version will not be copied to the new page rule.

Delete a capture

You can delete a capture by selecting it and then selecting Delete Capture beneath the screenshot of the page. Delete Capture is disabled if you have only one capture.

If you delete a capture with a tagged feature, a warning displays above the Tagged Feature list, indicating there is a feature that is not identified. Fix this by clicking Update in the feature row and retagging the feature, adding the capture again, or deleting the feature.

Frequently asked questions

What happens to existing pages that have already been captured multiple times, and I now want to merge them into one page?

By default, all pages will remain as you initially captured and tagged them. If you want to combine your pages into a single below the fold page, you can add additional captures to one of the pages or a new one and delete the rest.

Note: If any guides are associated with a captured page, the guide will not show the new page. Analytics for features is retroactive, so when capturing a new page or tagging features, analytics on that page are unaffected.

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