Launch Mobile App Store Rating for iOS & Android


Note: Android In-App rating is supported on devices with Android API 21+.
Android and iOS in-app rating dialog is not guaranteed to open due to Apple and Google's policy, see details below

Have your users rate your mobile app with in-app ratings for both the Apple Store and Google Play.


In-app Rating Request

Pendo supports a button action: "Open in-app rating + Dismiss guide".

Apple & Google do not guarantee to open the In-App Rating Dialog. Opening this dialog is at Apple's or Google's discretion, it is dependent on the history of the user in the app and their previous rating request history as well as whether the user previously opted out from such requests. To support Apple’s and Google's guidelines, this action will attempt to open the Rating Dialog, not guarantee it. 
Here is Google's documentation on the subject. Apple's documentation on the subject.


Best Practices for Launching Rating Requests

To increase your app's rating, we recommend you prompt the rating request to your "happy users".

For example, add a preliminary satisfaction question after users complete a specific flow in the app. If users indicate that they are ‘happy’, open the rating dialog. Do not mention that you are going to ask for store review. In this example the action ‘Open In-App Rating + Dismiss guide’ is prompted when users tap ‘YES’:


iOS in-app rating request

If a user answers "no", this is a great opportunity to learn more. You could follow up a negative response with a request for feedback. 


Android in-app rating request