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Guide personalization allows you to incorporate visitor and account Pendo metadata in text building blocks in mobile guides.

Select a guide content property to add a variable to your guide copy. These variables automatically pull in metadata from the Pendo visitor or account, or fallback text if no metadata is available. For example, you can use guide personalization to greet your users with their name during onboarding, confirm user information in a modal, or include their role or status as a dynamic part of in-app training.



Note: To learn how to personalize web guides, see How Do I use Guide Variables?


  • Mobile guides on SDK 2.14 or greater
  • Guide Creator, or Content Editor user roles

Using a guide content property

A guide content property is a coded variable that is replaced by the visitor or account metadata value when the guide displays. For example, Hi, <> displays as Hi, Jane Doe when = "Jane Doe".

Use fallback text as a default value when a visitor or account does not have a value for that metadata. For example, Hi, <> displays as Hi, earliest of adopters when the fallback text field is set to "earliest of adopters".

Only visitor and account metadata passed to Pendo during the mobile session is available as a property. Data stored in Pendo which was passed in a previous session or from integrations (Salesforce/ cannot be used for guide personalization.


Mobile guides

Guide content properties can be used in any text-building block or poll questions. Properties are added in the General section of the Edit Text modal with other text editing.

1. Click the Select a property dropdown.

2. Select the property you want to include in the guide. The coded variable is added in-line at the text cursor. You can use as many properties as you want.


3. Add any required fallback text. This text is used when the visitor or account metadata doesn't have a value to avoid confusing gaps in your copy. Fallback text is not required. Leave the field blank and the variable code will be removed automatically with nothing in its place.


4. Select Done to save text changes.

5. Use View Step Design or Test Full Guide with Activation to test the guide and make sure you see the personalized property on your device.



Frequently asked questions

How can I guarantee data will display?

To verify the property will appear when needed, make sure the property you want to show in the guide is sent prior to guide activation during the same session. Data passed during initialization will be available. If needed, you can update visitor and account metadata during the session by using the dedicated APIs setVisitorData and setAccountData.


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