Add a Help Center to your mobile app

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Integrate a mobile Help Center to reduce your support ticket volume and embrace the product-led approach, so users can access self-service support, submit tickets, explore onboarding guides, and more.

Build a Help Center with:

  • Multi-step onboarding guides
  • Video tutorials
  • Polls and surveys
  • Links to important documentation
  • Release notes

Visit the Pendo Academy for a video on adding a Help Center to your mobile app. 

Add a Help Center

Use the Help Center layout to create an in-app Help Center by linking to multiple guides to help your users. You can add links to important support articles or a "Give us feedback" poll, or use deep links for a walkthrough guide to send your users to a specific location in the app.

To add a Help Center:

  1. Select the Help Center layout.
  2. Style it, and customize your buttons.
  3. Activate the guide from an existing button or menu.



The layout is predefined with button actions:

  • Deep link to navigate your visitors to the desired location.
  • Launch Guide to trigger customized walkthroughs for these pages.

Deep links

Deep links send users directly to an app instead of a website or store. They're used to send users to specific in-app locations, saving users time and energy locating a particular page themselves and significantly improving the user experience.

Note: For more information about deep links in your app, it's recommended to consult with your app developers, as the deep links are implemented in the application’s URL scheme (iOS universal links) or an intent URL (on Android devices).

Activate the Help Center

You can configure the Help Center so that it activates from an existing in-app button. It's recommended to use a non-functional button directly within your app, and to incorporate a "pressed state" for the button, which is the color change you see when the button is pressed. This ensures that users receive visual feedback acknowledging that an action is underway, enhancing the overall native feel of the interaction.


Note: You might need help from other teams to set up the non-functional button.

  1. In the Visual Design Studio, select Activation.
  2. In the Activation Settings window, select Target Element.

  3. In the Page Selection window, select the page with the element you want to target.
  4. Select the Feature to use to launch the guide, for example a question mark icon on the page. 
  5. Select Preview to test your guide.
  6. Select Save & Exit.
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