Create an app update reminder

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Getting your users to update to the latest version of your app helps to improve their experience in the app. If your users have disabled automatic updates, they miss out on security patches and all the updates you've developed for them. You can deploy an in-app message that identifies users with outdated versions of your app and encourages them to upgrade to the latest version of the app using personalized messaging.

Visit the Pendo Academy for a video on creating an app update reminder.

To create an app update reminder:

  • Analyze data. Use the App Version Distribution widget in Dashboards to see which versions of your application your users are on. For more information, see Dashboards.
  • Create a segment. Segment to identify users with outdated app versions. For more information, see Segments.
  • Send them a guide. Guide users with a personalized message and a clear call to action on how to update their app. For more information, see Create a guide for mobile.
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