Mobile Carousel Guide


Note: Supported on SDK version 2.8 and higher

Carousels are a widely-used, intuitive, and effective pattern for mobile applications. Now you can create carousel guides via Pendo and use them to onboard new users, introduce new features and capabilities, or for any other purpose.

Carousels can be styled in the Pendo Visual Design Studio to match your brand and design needs.

How To Create a Carousel Guide

1. To create a carousel guide, go to “Guides”and select “Create guide”.

2. Select the mobile application and select the “Carousel” layout.



Once you select the carousel layout, a 3-step full-screen guide will be created. 

3. Select “Manage in my app” where you will be able to edit each step. All Pendo building blocks are compatible. 

4. To add additional steps, duplicate an existing step, or add a step from layout.


5. Test your guide by selecting the “Preview” button.


Carousel Tips

  • Carousels are full-screen guides. You will not be able to add non-fullscreen steps or tooltips to a Carousel.
  • Users can move between steps using swipe gestures. You can also include buttons with 'advance step' options. 
  • Gestures like “Swipe left” and “Swipe right” are tracked like all other guide analytics, and are displayed under “Guide activity” events in the “Guide Metrics” tab.