Launch Guide from Guide for Mobile

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The "Launch Guide" button action in Pendo Mobile allows you to choose another guide to launch when the user clicks the button.

Important: You won’t be able to test the full flow of launching guide from a guide via “test on device”. You can perform “test on device” for the parent guide and the child guide separately. To test the full flow, publish both guides and use a segment to make them available to you only.

If the launched guide starts from a different page than the page from where it launched, the user will have to move to that page to see the guide.


  • Pendo SDK version 2.10 or greater

Launching a guide from a guide

The Launch Guide button action can be used to create a guide menu with multiple buttons that each button launch a different guide.

This can be used to create an experience similar to the guide list module available in the Resource Center for Pendo Web.


When you select a button, choose "Launch Guide" as the button action.


Select the guide you want to launch from the dropdown menu. Make sure that the guide you want to launch is published and available to the right segment.



New feature announcement with optional walkthrough

You can use the Carousel layout (or any other layout) to announce a newly released feature. Users can launch a walkthrough guide from the feature announcement to lead them through the new feature.