Support tracking drag and drop events?

Is there any way currently to log drag and drop events with Pendo? I've tried looking at the various ways of tracking features today and it doesn't seem like drag detection is currently possible, is that right?



  • Hi Tanner,

    I think similar to this question here,, we do not support tracking drag and drop events. 

    Is there something specific in the app that requires a drag and drop action vs. a click on a feature? Thanks for sharing with the community!

  • Howard Lio Yes, we have a kanban board-style feature in our product and I need to be able to track how often users are clicking on cards in that board vs. dragging/dropping them.

  • We also have a need for this for a page/content builder where all the elements are in a tray, and we are looking to understand how often they are added to pages by each visitor and account.

  • Thanks Liz and Tanner,

    We do have this feature request posted here:

    Please upvote and subscribe for further updates from our product team on tracking drag and drop gestures.

  • Howard Lio I can't find that request any more, and nothing shows up when I search for "drag and drop" in feature requests. Has this already been implemented, or should I file a new request?

  • Will the initial click on an element as they begin to drag it count as a click?

  • We have several places in our application where a user can either click an item or click and drag an item (to reorder). I need to know when someone is dragging an item vs. just selecting it. Is there a plan to implement this?

  • This is also something my company needs. We have a tool we've installed in that allows a user to drag elements onto a page. I want to be able to treack if they've dragged an icon.


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