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This article provides guidance for when a video in your guide isn't displaying or you see the following errors: This content is blocked.  The linked video has an unsupported format.  

Product area: Guides (web, mobile)

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Typically, videos don't display in your guide due to video visibility permissions in the video host's settings. The guide designer detects that only some users can view the video, not which users.

In most cases, eligible users can see the video, but others might see the error. Eligible users can still play the video in the guide if the video host (such as Vimeo or YouTube) detects that they're eligible users. If the user is logged out of the video host service or is ineligible, they see the error message.

Important: You must use a public URL when adding a video. You can't embed a private video link in your guide. 


To resolve the issue, try changing the video's visibility settings to capture all intended users.

Additionally, verify that your Content Security Policy is up to date and allows the content you want to display within your application. For more information, see Content Security Policy.

The current workaround to fix the error of, the link video format is not supported; you have to first select your video provider after adding your video URL. If you are still seeing the error, check that the URL is in the accepted format.

Public videos, which can be added to guides, have the URL format as[ID]. Unlisted videos, with the URL format[ID]/[MAGICHASH]aren't supported. An error displays if an unlisted video URL format is used. The workaround is:

  1. Set the video to a public state.
  2. Wait 15 minutes for the backend cache from the video provider to update and clear. 
  3. Add the video URL to the guide after choosing your video provider. 
  4. Save the guide.


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