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This article provides guidance for error messages that appear when you're uploading a localized file for a guide.

Product area: Guides > Localization (web, mobile)





You might get an error message for one of the following reasons:

  • The XLIFF version isn't 1.2., resulting in an error message like, "The translation file is an unsupported xliff version." Working with XLIFF code, we only support XLIFF 1.2 format.
  • The XLIFF file that has a missing target, resulting in an error message like, "Something went wrong: The translation file contains an incorrect target language."
  • The XLIFF file is using the incorrect metadata field, resulting in an error message like, "To fully translate the guide, make sure all target fields contain translated content."
  • You're using a third-party editor that's causing issues. 




The localized feature displays on guides once it's enabled in Subscription Settings

First, ensure you're using XLIFF version 1.2.

Then, ensure that there are no empty target fields and that the correct metadata field is used on your XML file before trying to re-upload it through the import button.

The XLIFF file must match to the corresponding Guide. If the content of the XLIFF file doesn't match the Guide, the import will fail. The upload validates that all target containers have translated content. If some target containers are empty, a notification informs you that some content may be missing but the file is still imported.




Values on the left-side, outlined in red, display the default values for the supported languages. These values are standard and don't change in Pendo. These are the values you should use for the "target-language" in your XLIFF translation file.

The values on the right, outlined in blue, are custom metadata values that you add in the localization settings of your Pendo Subscription Settings. 

Finally, try using a different editor. We use dedicated translation tools to assist with the process, like Smartling or Xliff Editor. Pendo doesn't recommend any particular translation tool or service or provide translation for Guide content.

For more information about setting up localization settings and supported guide languages, see the Localization article. 

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