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Pendo Discover brings together a combination of tools to help you capture, categorize, prioritize, route, and communicate product ideas in a centralized location. For an overview of functionality, see the Overview of Pendo Discover.

Note: Feedback in Discover is different from the classic Pendo Feedback product and is currently in closed beta, available to select Pendo customers for testing. The information that follows isn't a commitment, promise, or legal obligation. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described here are subject to change at the discretion of Pendo, which can occur without notice. If you're interested in getting early access and providing feedback, sign up to the beta waitlist.

View customer feedback

To view customer feedback, navigate to Discover > Feedback views > All Feedback and open the Feedback items tab. This page displays all your feedback items in a table view, where you can add, move, and remove the following columns.

  • Title. The descriptive name given to the feedback item.
  • Account. The account associated with the feedback.
  • Visitor. The visitor associated with the feedback.
  • Status. Where the feedback item is in your feedback process. You can update this from the table.
  • Importance. The level of importance assigned to the feedback item.
  • Labels. The labels attached to the feedback item. You can edit these from the table.
  • Apps. The applications that the feedback relates to.
  • Product areas. The product areas that the feedback relates to. You can edit this from the table.
  • Created time. When the feedback item was created.
  • Created by. Who submitted the feedback form.
  • Last updated time. When the feedback item was last edited.
  • Last updated by. Who last updated the feedback item.
  • Linked ideas. Ideas that are linked to the feedback. You can open and edit the idea by selecting it from the table.

Edit table columns

To edit table columns, select the Manage Columns icon in the top-right of the Feedback table.

  • To reorder columns, select the three vertical dots next to the column you want to move, and then drag and drop it further up or down the list of columns.
  • To add a column, select the Manage Columns icon in the top-right of the Feedback table and then select + Add Column in the bottom of the window. Select a column from the dropdown menu.
  • To remove a column, select the cross (X) next to the column you want to remove from the table. You can add this column back at any time.

After making your changes, select Save. This only saves your column changes. For instructions on saving your custom feedback table view, see Save custom views of feedback.

Find and filter customer feedback

As well as changing the columns in your table view of feedback, you can filter the results in the table and then save that view to come back to later. This prompts a Save button to appear at the top of the table, which you can use to save your new table view of feedback to your Feedback Views page. For more information about saved views of feedback, see Save custom views of feedback.

You can search for feedback items using one or both of the following:

  • The keyword search bar in the top-right of the filters section. 
  • The filter and pick lists at the top of the page.

The search bar in the filters section is different from the search bar in the top-right corner of Discover. The search bar in the filters section only filters feedback items in the feedback view. The search bar in the top-right of the Discover platform searches both feedback items and ideas. For more information, see Overview of Pendo Discover.

The filters are present in both the Insights tab and the Feedback items tab.

  • Use the first dropdown menu to choose a different segment. The default is Everyone.
  • Use the toggle to switch off All Time if you want to only see feedback sent within a specific date range.
  • Use the apps dropdown menu to select specific apps.

Use the pick lists below the main filters to limit the feedback list to feedback items that: 

  • Relate to specific product areas.
  • Are assigned specific statuses.
  • Were created by specific people.
  • Were assigned specific importance levels.
  • Include specific labels.
  • Are linked or aren’t linked to ideas.

View and edit feedback details

To view the details of a particular piece of feedback, navigate to Discover > Feedback, choose a view, open the Feedback items tab, and select the feedback item from the Feedback table. This opens a panel on the right side of the page, where you can view:

  • View the visitor and account the feedback is from.
  • View who created the feedback and when.
  • View and change the status of the feedback item. 
  • View and change the details of the feedback item, including the description and any attachments or links.
  • View, add, and remove labels attached to the feedback item.
  • View and change the assigned importance level.
  • View and change the app.
  • View and change the product area.
  • View, remove, and add more linked ideas fromthe Linked Ideas tab.

Note: All new feedback items are automatically given a status of New. You can change this to Under Review or Reviewed from within the table or from within the details page of the individual feedback item.

Delete a feedback item

Deleting a feedback item can’t be undone. To delete a feedback item:

  1. Navigate to Discover > Feedback.
  2. Choose a feedback view.
  3. Open the Feedback items tab.
  4. Find and select the feedback item from the Feedback table. This opens a panel on the right side of the page.
  5. At the top of the details panel on the right-side of the page, select the trash icon. This opens a confirmation window.
  6. Select Delete Feedback, or Cancel if you want to go back.



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