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This article summarizes important changes to the Session Replay product documentation in Pendo.

Date Articles Description
4 December 2023 Watch replays Added information on visitor and account metadata that's available on the Replay Player page and quick filters that's available when viewing replays from Visitor Details and Account Details.
28 November 2023 Watch replays Added a tip for how to specify a starting timestamp in a replay URL.
28 November 2023 What's new in Replay New article that captures monthly release notes for Session Replay.
15 November 2023 Replay performance impacts Removed the Data capture process section that outlines how the Pendo agent captures replays, as that information was added to the new overview article.
15 November 2023 Session Replay overview New article that explains how Session Replay works at a high level.
3 November 2023 Missing replays Added troubleshooting steps under a new section titled Check existing privacy settings.
2 November 2023 Missing replays

Updated the previously titled Review your segment section to Consider visitor eligibility, and added all of the reasons you might not find contextual replays as expected.

1 November 2023

Replay performance impacts

Added a section titled Data capture process that outlines how the Pendo agent captures replays.
1 November 2023

Enable Session Replay

Watch replays

Added a note to clarify that Session Replay is an add-on product that you must purchase to access.
27 October 2023 Session Replay privacy Added a subsection under Selector rules titled Rule prioritization that explains how we handle selector rule prioritization when multiple rules match elements in the DOM tree.


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