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This article summarizes important changes to the Pendo Mobile product documentation.

Date Articles Description
1 August 2023

Mobile Track Events Example

Added information about the new app view experience.
17 July 2023

Create a mobile guide

Updated Test guide on device section and removed Preview a Guide section. These changes reflect the new Test button for testing a guide. The Preview a guide button has been removed.
12 July 2023

Create a mobile guide

Added Track event property to Guide activation methods
6 July 2023

React Native Developer API Documentation (iOS & Android).

Added a new Public API method, screenContentChanged(), for Pendo Class Public API - SDK Version 2.22+.
6 July 2023

Supported mobile frameworks and OS versions

Updated Xamarin prerequisites to .NET 7
12 April 2023

Install Pendo in Cordova applications

New article providing guidance for installing Pendo in Cordova applications. 
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