Add workarounds to ideas

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This article provides instructions for adding workarounds to an idea. For more informational content about this functionality, see Act on ideas.

Any workarounds you add to an idea are also associated to any feedback items that are linked to the idea. For information about linking feedback items to ideas, see Link feedback items to ideas in Validate.

Add a workaround

Workarounds are added directly in the details of an idea in Listen > Validate. For instructions on finding and opening an idea, see Create and manage ideas in Validate. After you've opened an existing idea, there are two ways to add a workaround:

  • From the Overview tab near the top of an individual idea. In the details of an idea, select Add workaround.
  • From the Actions menu at the bottom on an individual idea. In the details of an idea, select Actions in the bottom-left corner of the panel and then choose Add workaround from the menu.

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Enter your workaround into the text box. Select the green checkmark when you’re done. Select the text box again to re-enter it and edit the content. When you close the window, the workaround is saved. You have various formatting options available to you, including bolding, italicizing, underlining, and so on.

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View a workaround

If an idea already has a workaround, you can view it by selecting View workaround in the details of the idea.

View workaround.png

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