Request moderation


Request Moderation is a useful feature that enables you to hide any new requests from your customers. Any requests with the status: "Not Reviewed" will not be shown to your customers.

This gives you time to work through and triage the requests before you start receiving feedback on them from customers.

NOTE: Team members will still be able to view all requests. The submitter of a request can still see their own requests.

How to enable Request Moderation

To turn Request Moderation on, head to "Settings", and the "General" tab. Scroll down and you'll see the relevant checkbox.


Checking that box will turn on Request Moderation.

How to use Request Moderation

Use Request Moderation if you have concerns about the tone of requests you may receive from your customers, or if you have concerns about your customers sending in sensitive information. This feature can work well if you would like a forced, manual step before a request becomes public.

Note that you will need to be more heavy handed when it comes to triage. When you review a request, you will want to check the contents for any sensitive information and remove if necessary. If the request now looks OK, flip the status to "Awaiting Feedback" so other customers can start voting and commenting.

If you want the request to remain private, you can flip the status to "Awaiting Feedback" but make the request private. Do this by opening the request page and clicking the Edit button top right:


In Edit mode, scroll all the way to the bottom and check the "Hide this from visitors?" box.


Note: Remember that heavy handed triage doesn't scale well, so using Request Moderation could become unmanageable if you're dealing with large volumes of requests. An alternative option to using Request Moderation could be to remind your customers on your request form that sensitive information or support tickets should not land in Feedback.