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Request moderation allows you to hide new, unreviewed requests from your customers. When you enable request moderation, any requests with the status "Not Reviewed" (or the equivalent language used by your organization) aren't shown to your customers. For information on how to customize request status names to suit the language of your organization, see the Request status updates article.

You can also choose to keep a request private no matter what status it's in. If you've enabled request moderation, you can ensure the request stays private by selecting the Hide this from visitors? option at the same time as you change the status of the request.

Note: A manual triage process doesn't scale well, which means that request moderation could become unmanageable if you're dealing with large volumes of requests. Instead, remind your customers on your request form that sensitive information or support tickets shouldn't be submitted to Feedback.

Enable request moderation

Request moderation can work well if you would like to force a manual review process before a request becomes public. Use request moderation if you're concerned about the tone of requests or about your customers sending sensitive information. 

To enable request moderation, navigate to Feedback > Settings > Product Settings > General and select Request moderation.


With request moderation enabled, team members can still view all requests, including those that are yet to be reviewed. The submitter of a request can still see their own requests.

Make requests private

If a request looks okay, change the status of the request to "Awaiting Feedback" (or the equivalent language used by your organization) so that other customers can start voting and commenting.

If you want a request to remain private, you can change the status to "Awaiting Feedback" whilst also making the request private.

Visitors don't receive status or comment updates on private requests. Even if a visitor created a request before it was made private, the request disappears from that visitor's dashboard and they don't receive any status or comment updates. 

1. Open the request to see its details.

You can open a request from the Browse page and then select the expand button at the top of the panel on the right-side of the page to open the full request details.


2. Select the edit icon in the top-right corner of the request.


3. Scroll to the bottom of the request and select Hide from visitors? and then select Save Changes.


4. Private request is now displayed immediately below the title of the request. Change the status of the request to Awaiting Feedback (or the equivalent language used by your organization).


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